Autumn in Grimfells

From October 25, 2019 5:00 pm until October 27, 2019 12:00 pm
Click for directions to Ponderosa Campground
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The Shire March of the Grimfells invite you to spend Autumn in Grimfells!

Last camping event of the year, you know you want to be here!

pdfAutumn In Grimfells Event Flyer


Site Information

Site Opens: Friday October 25th at 5pm
Site Closes: October 27th at noon

Location: Ponderosa Campground
1305 Ponderosa Rd Pineville MO 64856

Event Steward:
Mistress Christiaen
Cindy Morley
479-422-1495 (no calls after 9pm please)

Event Staff

  • Armored Combat - THL Dante di Pirro
  • Equestrian - Sir Anton von Hagenstein
  • Archery - Mistress Susannah Griffin
  • Cut and Thrust - THL Dante di Pirro
  • Arts & Science classes - Mistress Fionna
  • Lunch Inn (TACO BAR!) - Baroness Ceara Inghean Lasair
  • Steak-thang (Bring what you want to throw on the grill and Grimfells provides the side dishes.) - Sir Marcus


  • Wood Working Class by David
  • Forging with Lord Juan Hector
  • Dance classes taught by Mistress Ahimah bint al Abbas al Tanji
  • Sir Cedric and Countess Elena will host an A&S competition: Best period, non-alcoholic drink (Hippocras, sekanjabin, barley water, switche, and the like.
  • Fighting: Bastard Sword Barrier tourney, Meanest Mother tourney and a double elimination tourney
  • C&T will be a modified barrier tourney and a double elimination tourney
  • Equestrian: Annual Chamfron tourney and foam jousting.  Possibly mounted combat and Daiku as time allows
  • Archery scenarios: TBD
  • Harvest Ball and Dessert bar to take place after the Steak-Thang


  • Adult Event Registration: $10
  • Adult Member Discount Registration: $5
  • Youth and children under 17: free
  • Make checks payable to SCA Inc.- Shire March of the Grimfells


Heavy Fighting (Saturday)

  • 10AM - Authorizations & Inspections
  • 11AM - 12:30ish - Barrier tourney
  • 1PM - Double Elimination tourney
  • 2:30PM - Meanest Mother

Cut & Thrust (Saturday)

  • 10AM - Authorizations & Inspections
  • 11AM - 12:30ish - Bearpit tournament
  • 1PM - whenever - C&T melees and/or pick-ups
  • 2:30PM - intro to C&T class - loaner gear and instruction will be available for people who want to try C&T out

Archery (Saturday)

  • 10AM - Beat Pit Shoot: Time limit to be determined at start of shoot. Archers line up. 2 archers shoot at a circle target, head to head, each shooting 6 arrows. The archer with the best total score stays to shoot the next round, however, shoots 1 arrow less each consecutive round at the line. Archers may shoot as many rounds as they wish, including taking breaks. 1 point scored for each round shot, and 1 point scored for each round won. Highest total points at end of time is the winner.
  • 12PM - Blackjack Shoot: Shooting at a group of targets valued at 1 pt - 10 pts. Each round each archer shoots up to 6 arrows, trying to total 21 pts., or get closest to 21. 22 or more pts is a bust, scoring 0. 1 score awarded per round to any archer who gets 21, or 1 score to the archer who gets closest to 21 that round.


  • Friday Evening - equestrian poker to stretch out the horses after trailering.
  • Saturday 8AM - Authorizations
  • Saturday 9PM - Sixth Annual Chamfron Tournament to be followed with foam jousting, tipit tag, and daiku.