Shire Meeting / Christmas Party

From December 15, 2018 6:00 pm until December 15, 2018 7:00 pm
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Shire Christmas Party-Saturday December 15th.

Marcus, Christiaen and family hosting with a distinct possibility that it will spill out across the street to Mar/Thorin/Mathilda's house! 1439 Ranch Drive.

Please wear garb.

Potluck-I’ll start a separate thread closer to the party so people can post what they plan to bring so we don’t have 10 pumpkin pies and no meat!

Depending on the weather, we can start in the early afternoon so we can have a fighter practice in the yard(s). Will likely go into the evening with a bonfire in the backyard and lots of singing. Specific times will be posted closer to the event.

Crash space available for out-of town friends or those who want to stay late and not worry about driving home!

Family friendly.

There are two dogs who live here. One is overly friendly and WILL lick you. You have been warned!

Gift Exchange “Rules”:
• Gifts should be SCA appropriate- something that could be useful or used at an SCA event. For example: Fabric/Trim, Book about medieval subjects, Tasty Beverages, garb of any kind, pottery, armor, weapons, armor repair tools etc… Kris Kinder is the weekend before the Christmas party and is ALWAYS a great place to pick up a gift if you don’t have time/desire to make something!
• $25 limit. That can be material cost or total purchase cost or combination of above!
• This is a white-elephant style gift exchange- we draw numbers. #1 goes first, picks a gift, and opens it. #2 can either steal that gift or pick a different one and open it. Etc. Any one gift can only be “stolen” twice. The third person who touches it gets to keep it (person 1 opens it, person 2 steals it, person 3 steals it from them and gets to keep it).
• If you bring a gift with Alcohol in it, you MUST mark it with a letter “A” prominently so it wont be chosen by someone underage.
• The Gift Exchange is intended for older teens and above (adult enough to find these types of gifts interesting and useful for their own SCA experience). Anyone under 21 can not pick a gift with an “A” marked on it.
• For those with young children, in the past, they have gotten together and drawn names among those families and did their own separate gift exchange just for the kids so they could give non-SCA gifts/toys. I’ve also seen in years where there was only one or two kids attend the parents just brought a gift for their own kids to open… because let’s face it the kids will want to open gifts too!! Your choice!

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