Gear Suppliers

Almost all stockists carry swords of varying quality, note that in the SCA you can carry a sword, Sharp or otherwise but if you draw it outside of an approved ceremony or in an inappropriate setting or threaten anyone with it even if it's a joke you can be kicked out of the SCA. (This restriction does not apply to knives, unless you threaten someone with it) Be sensible!

SCA Legal Armor

SCA weapon parts eg, mace heads or axe heads

Belts, Jewelry, Tokens

Leather Armour

Raw Leather

Trim / Clothing embellishments eg. Buttons


Period Clothing

Period Clothing Patterns

Plastic/Kydex Armour/Supplies

Chainmaille Specialists

Armouring Tools

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marshalPlease contact your marshal if unsure about armour thickness, if its too thin you cannot use it, no exceptions.

shire march of grimfells logoThe Shire-March of Grimfells covers most of the Northwest Arkansas 727XX zip code (from north to Bella Vista south almost to Fort Smith, west to Siloam Springs, and east to Harrison). Grimfells is but a small group which is part of a much larger kingdom, the Kingdom of Calontir. Calontir covers most of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri, as well as North-West Arkansas.

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