Shire Minutes April 2018


  • All officers' reports were turned in on time. Go, us!
  • Ragna is the new A&S officer.
  • I asked Elasait (kingdom deputy seneschal and old friend of Grimfells) to go through the Seneschal boxes and help organize them.


  • Amazeum demo will be July 7. They're looking for cultural aspect of what we do food, dress, customs, and arts. Kathryn will find out if there's room for fighting or not.


  • There was a proposal to purchase of 3 sets of kydex loaner armor. The armor consist of body, legs, arms, half-gauntlets, and gorget. They will stay in the shire and be painted so they will not walk away. This was amended to one set medium for $275.
  • Archery is still on Thursdays (except on meeting days and rain), also there is a new stump and knife target. Lots of people are showing up.


  • We are at a good place financially. The review didn't happen yet.

Arts & Sciences-

  • THL Roxelana Bramante won judges' prize at kingdom A&S for her reliquary.
  • 4 Viking caps (camp gifts @ Gulf Wars), Wool tunic for Drx, Woos Apron dress for me, bog coat for me, and took a few embroidery classes at Gulf.
  • Basil made Hannahs entire wardrobe for Gulf, and you (Luther) made a tent.
  • Tobi has been doing a splendid job at taking pictures and documenting our fighter practice, as photography is an art, Ragna and I believe this is something that needs recognition!
  • Adrian von Brandt made a beautiful Pell, and has been very generous in sharing that with all of us at practice!
  • Ivar and I will be working on a long mead for our event in October, as well as a cider.We will also be making my short mead.
  • I will be taking Winnefred d'Artios's belt at Lillies, and studying calligraphy and illumination under her, as well as working on viking beading per Baroness Rowan's request.
  • Hannah took Ahima's belt at Gulf wars, has been working on garb and assisting with feast prep for our event. She will also be singing at feast.
  • Caleb has been focused on making shiny pointy things, and armor.
  • Anton has been focused on armor and making some excellent strides in his shop!
  • Lawrence has been a sewing machine!! And turning out some very beautiful garb for himself! Also making shoes!
  • Christain has been busy in the pottery department, making some more excellent pieces, some of which was brought to practice on April 11th.
  • Also Susannah made a tent and garb and I helped turn the monsterous white shade fly into a big shade fly and medium shade fly.


  • Names and devices are being turned in and told that we could have 6 names on record
    Beatrice (Tracy new to group) wants to learn field heraldry. Classes may happen at the moot

Web minister-

  • Adrian von Brandt told us we have had 4,172 page views on the new site lots of traffic.


  • Ahima has a menu & budget.
  • We also have to check on the site.
  • Work is still happening on the serving trays

Moot- no equestrian or archery, maybe throwing weapons. someone needs to head up fighting

Thank you

Luther Hoffen Drunck