Shire Officers

Kara of Grimfells
Kara of GrimfellsSeneschal (President)
Mathilda of Grimfells
Mathilda of GrimfellsChatelaine (Newcomer's Liaison)
Sir Már í Miklagarði
Sir Már í Miklagarði Knight's Marshal (Fighting)
Juan Hector Valdez
Juan Hector ValdezExchequer (Treasurer)
Mistress Christiaen Janssen
Mistress Christiaen JanssenEquestrian Marshal
Duchess Susannah Griffon
Duchess Susannah GriffonArchery Marshal
HL Roxelana Bramante
HL Roxelana Bramante Minister of Arts and Sciences
Sir Marcus de la Forest
Sir Marcus de la ForestHerald (Names & Devices)
Wilhelm von Brandt<br>Chris Davis
Wilhelm von Brandt
Chris Davis
Mathilda of GrimfellsSocial Media Officer

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